Do you need a new notebook, a water bottle or something for your flat? Brands for Students is the leading platform for weekly changing student offers. From technology gadgets to sports, lifestyle and fashion, they have it all.

The Albani Music Club exists since 1988. The small venue on Steinberggasse in Winterthur is known for concerts by young and emerging bands, as well as parties. Their style ranges from hip hop to house to rockabilly.

The Arch Bar is located right next to the train station in Winterthur. Fancy drink creations and the cosy atmosphere offer the best setting for enjoyable evenings and nights.

Archie The Hot Dog Factory opened its doors in April 2021. They are located in the heart of the Eulachstadt, in the Archhöfe building right next to the train station in Winterthur. From a culinary point of view, everything revolves around unusual and extravagant hot dogs. We rely entirely on regional ingredients with a little extra in the preparation.

These are Gastro ZH venues in the Winterthur area that organise various parties for students, with and without the participation of Alias.

cashyou is the leading discount app for young people and students in Switzerland. The start-up from St. Gallen, supported by a team of students, works every day to make the educational years cheaper and more exciting.

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