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Alias assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the summaries posted on this page. Everyone who downloads a summary from this page is responsible for themselves for checking whether the summaries completely and correctly reflects all topics relevant to the exams.

Rules and Information

  • Your files must be names as follows: year_modulename_ZHAWabbreviation
  • all uploaded summaries must be self-written. The only exceptions are summaries downloaded and edited from here. These must be marked as follows: year_modulename_newZHAWabbreviation_oldZHAWabbreviation
  • No teaching materials may be uploaded. However, individual excerpts from slides are allowed.
  • No class transcripts may be uploaded.
  • If old exams want to be shared, they must be submitted together with a written consent form from the lecturer via the contact form below. Alias will then upload these exams themselves. All other uploaded exams will be deleted by Alias.
  • You can delete your uploaded summaries at any time.
  • Folders of same modules in different specialisations/courses are not linked, i.e. summaries from other folders are not displayed.
  • The folder structure is based on the full-time study model.
  • At the bottom of the page, you can find a contact form. You can get in touch with us if you need new folders, want to upload exams or have an input on the folder structure.
  • Alias reserves the right to delete summaries that don’t comply with the above specifications.

  • folder iconPflichtfächerupload icon
      • folder icon1. Semesterupload icon
          • folder iconTestkonstruktionupload icon
            • folder iconVertiefung Methoden Iupload icon
              • folder iconVertiefung Methoden IIupload icon
              • folder icon2. Semesterupload icon
                  • folder iconAngewandte Beratungspsychologieupload icon
                    • folder iconProjektbezogenes Arbeitenupload icon
                      • folder iconVertiefung Methoden IIIupload icon
                        • folder iconVertiefung Methoden IVupload icon
                        • folder icon3. Semesterupload icon
                            • folder iconErfahrung & Reflexion IIIupload icon
                            • folder icon4. Semesterupload icon
                                • folder iconWissenschaftstheorienupload icon
                              • folder iconWahlfächerupload icon
                                  • folder iconFrühlingssemesterupload icon
                                      • folder iconAgeing Society IIupload icon
                                        • folder iconApplied Coginitive Science and Decision-making IIupload icon
                                          • folder iconGesundheitspsychologie II: Theorie und Anwendungupload icon
                                            • folder iconIntegration und Partizipation IIupload icon
                                              • folder iconKinder- und Jugendpsycholgoie IIupload icon
                                                • folder iconKlinische Psychologie (Erwachene) II: Gesprächsführung und Diagnostikupload icon
                                                  • folder iconKlinische Psychologie (Kinder und Jugendliche) II: Diagnostikupload icon
                                                    • folder iconMedienpsychologie IIupload icon
                                                      • folder iconMensch & Digitalisierung IIupload icon
                                                        • folder iconNew Work and Leadership 4.0upload icon
                                                          • folder iconRessourcenorientiertes Arbeiten IIupload icon
                                                            • folder iconSicherheitspsychologische Praxisupload icon
                                                              • folder iconUmwelt- und Nachhaltigkeitspsychologie IIupload icon
                                                                • folder iconVertiefung Diagnostikupload icon
                                                                • folder iconHerbstsemesterupload icon
                                                                    • folder iconAgeing Society Iupload icon
                                                                      • folder iconApplied Coginitive Science and Decicion-making Iupload icon
                                                                        • folder iconBeratungsanalyse und -feedbackupload icon
                                                                          • folder iconGesundheitspsychologie I: Kompetenzenupload icon
                                                                            • folder iconIntegration und Partizipation Iupload icon
                                                                              • folder iconKinder- und Jugendpsychologie Iupload icon
                                                                                • folder iconKlinische Psychologie (Erwachsene) I: Theorie und Anwendungupload icon
                                                                                  • folder iconKlinische Psychologie (Kinder und Jugendliche) I: Theorie und Anwendungupload icon
                                                                                    • folder iconMedienpsychologie Iupload icon
                                                                                      • folder iconMensch & Digitalisierung Iupload icon
                                                                                        • folder iconRessourcenorientiertes Arbeiten Iupload icon
                                                                                          • folder iconSicherheitspsycholgische Grundlagen und Diagnostikupload icon
                                                                                            • folder iconUmwelt- und Nachhaltigkeitspsychologie Iupload icon
                                                                                              • folder iconVeränderungsprozesse in Organisationupload icon

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